Nick Veasey – Adobe Creative Voices
31 Jul 2014

Nick Veasey – Adobe Creative Voices

Take a look at the world the way Nick Veasey sees it.

31 Jul 2014

We’re extremely happy to boast that over the years we have worked with a slew of amazing clients on some awe-inspiring new projects.  As our hometown of San Francisco continues to be a hub of creativity, productivity and innovation, we’re proud to be producing ground-breaking, state-of-the-art creative content for the companies that we believe in.  Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Adobe Systems on the newest installment in their Creative Voices series.  Creative Voices is an ongoing project that features behind-the-scenes documentary portraits of industry legends, innovative artists and agencies, as well as other talented or up-and-coming designers, artists, filmmakers and photographers who share their wisdom and experiences as they turn inspiration and experimentation into cutting-edge finished work.

N_T_England02Nate_Trevor_England02 In this most recent video documentary, we go behind the scenes to interview X-Ray photographer, Nick Veasey in his rustic, yet high-tech London studio.  Nick, known as the ‘Man with X-Ray Vision,’ began working with conventional still photography at the early age of 14, initially starting his career in the advertising and design industries before transitioning to working primarily with X-ray imaging.  Since then, his work has been featured in many international advertising campaigns including Adobe Systems’ Creative Suite.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 4.50.41 PM

Veasey admits that his critics have dubbed him a “one-trick pony,” and concedes that the accusation may indeed be true.  Though he realizes that his audience may not always understand the meaning behind his art, he assures us that there is always a meaning in it for him.  At the core of his values lies the quintessential element to his art – to look beyond physical appearance by highlighting the often surprising inner beauty and reveal what the manufactured and natural world really consists of.  For a closer look at the world the way Nick Veasey sees it, you can check out the full video here.

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