ALCHEMY Presents – “Why I Ride” episode 2
08 Jul 2014

ALCHEMY Presents – “Why I Ride” episode 2

A girl, a motorcycle, and the open road.

08 Jul 2014

Last November, we joined forces with Esurance to create a heartfelt, story-driven video campaign that would embody the spirit of motorcycling and provide an insight into an exclusive high-octane way of life.  ‘Why I Ride’ episode 1 resonated so deeply with the motorcycling community and was met with such enthusiastic support that we couldn’t wait to get back in the saddle, so to speak, and shoot another one!

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This time around, we’re still telling authentic, human stories that seek to inspire, and engage a community of motorists young and old, but we didn’t stop there. Our next episode in the ‘Why I Ride’ series tells an original story of a young woman, Leslie Padoll, who despite gender stereotypes and other social challenges, has found solace in the thrill of riding. Equipped with the confidence gained from her experiences, she was able to overcome her own personal obstacles and ended up covering a lot of ground on the road to self discovery in the process.

Though uniquely hers, Leslie’s story is not uncommon. What may have been viewed by some as simply a “no boys allowed” motorcycle club is quickly becoming recognized as a worldwide community of hard working female motorcyclists. Bonded by their love of riding, these women have developed a tight-knit network that promotes freedom, independence, strength and courage. We’re extremely proud to have been able to tell a part of their story, and we couldn’t be more excited to share that story with all of you.  ‘Why I Ride’ episode 2 can be found at



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