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Outerwear 2014

Last winter, our production team had the opportunity to shoot assets as part of a cutting edge website for Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Outerwear collection in the brisk and beautiful environment of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Setting up our camera equipment on the snowy slopes of Whistler, we were able to look out over the valley down to the lake below where little bits of green could still be seen despite the dancing snow flurries propelled by icy gusts of wind. 

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Skate or DIY w/ Sid Enck Jr.

On a chilly morning in late September, we follow Sid Enck Jr, a team rider of Society Skate Shop in San Carlos, CA under a freeway overpass to a slab of cold cement. The night hangs on, wrapping it’s blanket of fog tightly around itself in defiance of the sun, which has just begun to peak out over the nearby hills on the outskirts of Silicon Valley. Nearby residents slowly begin to rouse, vaguely aware of the presence of the new stranger and his wooden transport.

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This Is The Life

Everyone loves a great story.  In fact, storytelling has become the next big buzzword in professional circles, and some folks even believe that storytelling is the number one strategic business tool in the market today. The Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice recently conducted a study on brands’ use of plot development in their commercials and found that regardless of the content of the ad, it was the structure of the content that people were really attracted to.  
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ALCHEMY Travels Abroad – Whistler, BC

Greetings from beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, Canada!  The ALCHEMY team has been busy as heck, traveling hither and thither all over the world on various different projects, and we’d like to share some of that same globetrotting excitement with all of you!  

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