The Lightning LS-218
19 Nov 2014

The Lightning LS-218

The fastest all-electric production motorcycle in the world

19 Nov 2014

About a week ago, up on the second floor of the Autodesk headquarters here in San Francisco, we witnessed a new benchmark in the electric vehicle industry. The LS-218, Lightning Motorcycles‘ record breaking, all-electric road bike is now available to the public, and the very first customers were present to receive the keys to their exciting new machine; a veritable rocket on wheels.

The LS-218 currently holds the world record for fastest production motorcycle, having broken the previous FIM and AMA Land Speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats in August of 2013.  Earlier that same year, the LS-218 finished first place at the Pikes Peak competition in Colorado Springs, finishing a full 21 seconds ahead of the 2nd place rider.  This event marked the first time in world history that an electric vehicle competed and won in an open class, international race versus conventional internal combustion vehicles.

Jim Hoogerhyde gazing fondly at the LS-218 after piloting the bike on it’s record breaking Bonneville run. 

What’s next for the world’s fastest motorcycle company? According to founder and CEO Richard Hatfield, Lightning is working on a new model that may resemble the KTM Super Duke and will use some of the same technologies that can be found in the LS-218. Hatfield says the next model will likely have some updated components that push the idea of an electric motorcycle beyond this familiar look into something new.  We’ll certainly be looking forward to seeing what they come up with, and who knows, maybe it could be a great new addition to our “Why I Ride” motorcycle documentary series!





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