Sid Enck Jr.

On a chilly morning in late September, we follow Sid Enck Jr, a team rider of Society Skate Shop in San Carlos, CA under a freeway overpass to a slab of cold cement. The night hangs on, wrapping it’s blanket of fog tightly around itself in defiance of the sun, which has just begun to peak out over the nearby hills on the outskirts of Silicon Valley. Nearby residents slowly begin to rouse, vaguely aware of the presence of the new stranger and his wooden transport.
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Shot on: RED EPIC – X and Sony A7s

Color: Davinci Resolve

Music by:
Artist: Radical Face
Album: The Family Tree: The Branches
Song: The Mute

Why I Ride Ep.1

A short, inspirational documentary that seeks to encompass the spirit of motorcycle riding.

“The first time I felt that tire hook up on asphalt … whoa.”
Watch Matt’s #WhyIRide story.

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Hidden Worlds

Creative Voices is an ongoing project from Adobe that features behind-the-scenes documentary portraits of industry legends, innovative artists and agencies, as well as other talented or up-and-coming designers, artists, filmmakers and photographers who share their wisdom and experiences as they turn inspiration and experimentation into cutting-edge finished work.

Featured in the August 2014 edition of Adobe Inspire.



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Nick Veasey Mini





Cowtown Keeylocko

Ed Keeylocko’s biological mother abandoned him on someone’s doorstep. An African-American with red hair and swamp green eyes, Keeylocko grew up feeling different, a self-proclaimed minority of minorities. “I can’t change me,” Keeylocko says and laughs, “I wouldn’t if I could.” But what’s a guy supposed to do when he feels like he doesn’t belong anywhere? Well, when you’re Ed Keeylocko, you build your own town. Cowtown Keeylocko is 40 miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona. Growing up alone and living in solitude made Keeylocko a rarefied expert on dreams. His most potent advice? “Dream of things that never were.”

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Top Shelf Boutique

Meet Christina Ruiz, owner/operator of TopShelf Boutique, a fashion boutique started out of a truck. Through Christina, we feel that inspirational “ah ha” moment that resonates with independent merchants everywhere. We too look forward to great things from TopShelf!