Cowtown Keeylocko
project name

Cowtown Keeylocko

“Dream of things that never were.”

  • Client:

    Whole Foods Market

  • Our Role:

    Creative Development, Production, Post Production

Ed Keeylocko’s biological mother abandoned him on someone’s doorstep. An African-American with red hair and swamp green eyes, Keeylocko grew up feeling different, a self-proclaimed minority of minorities. “I can’t change me,” Keeylocko says and laughs, “I wouldn’t if I could.” But what’s a guy supposed to do when he feels like he doesn’t belong anywhere? Well, when you’re Ed Keeylocko, you build your own town. Cowtown Keeylocko is 40 miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona. Growing up alone and living in solitude made Keeylocko a rarefied expert on dreams. His most potent advice? “Dream of things that never were.”

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