This Is The Life
18 Sep 2014

This Is The Life

Everyone loves a great story.

18 Sep 2014
Everyone loves a great story.  In fact, storytelling has become the next big buzzword in professional circles, and some folks even believe that storytelling is the number one strategic business tool in the market today. The Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice recently conducted a study on brands’ use of plot development in their commercials and found that regardless of the content of the ad, it was the structure of the content that people were really attracted to.  

Makes sense to us.  Who hasn’t seen a child’s eyes light up at the prospect of having a book read to them?  Or witnessed an old-timer suddenly become youthfully animated while telling a story to someone? It is that same feeling that inspires us to come to work everyday, and it’s the act of trying to harness that same energy that keeps things interesting, fun, and brings a sense of pride into the workplace. Oftentimes however, telling a great story is a lot easier said than done. Therefore, for anyone curious about what we do here at ALCHEMY, we’d like to offer a short glimpse at our own approach to storytelling.
Although each project is different, the first step in the process of telling a great story through video is finding the purpose. Generally speaking, our purpose is to connect with the audience.  But more specifically we ask ourselves, what do we want the audience to feel while watching? Are we trying to inform them? Entertain them? Sell them something? As audience members ourselves, who appreciate and consume all types of media, we know that the viewer can tell the difference between being “targeted” and being represented.  Hence, the next step in our creative process is to find a subject that the audience can relate to.  It turns out the world is already made up of lots of wonderful subjects with amazing personal stories to draw from.  Our job is to find those people, hone in on their unique perspective, and articulate it in an interesting way that that the viewer can identify with. It is important to us that clear communication through strong storytelling and compelling visuals be at the core of every campaign we are involved in. This is the way we are able to bring a vision to life for our clients, and effectively connect with our audience in a more personal way, providing content that they would potentially want to share.
While incredibly rewarding, producing a video campaign can be an arduous process, sometimes taking days or even weeks of fine-tuning before the perfect combination of visual and aural media blend together to seamlessly transport the viewer to a particular time and place.  However, the end result can be so powerful that it’s not surprising to see companies and brands using these elements of storytelling to engage their customers on a deeper level.  After all, it isn’t necessarily the products that we relate to, but rather other people. We relish the stories that others have to tell, and we learn about ourselves through the stories that influence us.  At ALCHEMY, we’re proud to be able to bring other people’s stories to life and realize the importance of being in such a position.  We’re inspired by the amazing folks we’ve met along the way who have shared their journey with us, and we look forward to meeting many more! 
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